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Here are our Adult Premium Rate Services we recommend promoting, as they are the most popular with the highest conversion rates.

Live 1-2-1 Chat Services

Our Live Chat services go through to a "Voice System", known in the industry as an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) computer that allows callers to browse through the personal greetings from the girls that are available to talk to. There are currently over 500 Operators working on this system, each one of them has a personal pin number, so if the caller wishes to talk to her again in the future, he is able to easily. This is important as when researching our customers, we fount that 60% of callers call back again, resulting in high re-peat business. The average call duration is 5 to 7 minutes, based 1 million minutes per month. We have over 50 different Live Services, catering for all niches and advertising. Please contact us for a list of our top performing services, as this changes from time to time.

SMS Chat Services

SMS Chat is becoming increasingly popular, so we feel this is a great service to promote as an "add on" Although it doesn't generate the re-peat business as Live Chat, it still performs well when advertising it on a web site, for little effort. This service works on our "Short Code", which is a 5 digit number the customer send the messages too. The chat is activated by a "Trigger code" which is unique to you, so that all messages from that mobile number will get allocated to your account. We have 300 SMS Chat operators who reply to the customers messages.

Adult Recorded Services

Services such as Sex Advice, xxx stories and stories in multi launages.

Adult Information Recorded Services

Our most popular Recorded service at this time is our Dogging Service, which has over 2000 locations, all with directions along with Stories and Tips. This service produces call durations as long as 15 minutes. Another popular Adult Information Service is our Eavesdrop Service, where guys can listen in on Live Phone Sex Conversations.

Be-Spoke Services

As we design and maintain our services, we are in the position to offer you custom built services to your requirements. Please contact us for further information.


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