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Just Legal

I had been told by one of my friends that her big brother Adam, my brothers best mate, really fancied the arse off me, which explained why he was always looking at me when he came round our house. He is so gorgeous and when I look at him he makes my tummy flip and my cheeks go pink.

He often stays at our house when he has been out with my brother and he normally crashes on my brothers bedroom floor. We had been flirting for a while but once I knew that he actually fancied me our flirting got a bit more serious.

Adam and my brother went out clubbing last week, I wanted to go too but I wasnt allowed, anyway by the time they got in it was 2:30 in the morning and my parents were in bed. I was fast asleep in my bed but woke when I heard my brother trip over climbing up the stairs.

As I listened I could hear them coming up the stairs and go into my brothers room, I knew my brother would be asleep within five minutes. About ten minutes later just as I was dozing off I heard my brothers door open and then footsteps coming to my bedroom door. I was lying on my side when Adam came into my room.

With a smile I asked him if he was lost, he smiled back and said that he thought he could keep me warm. I grabbed hold of my duvet and flipped it back; I was only wearing a satin chemise which only came to the top of my thighs. He eyes moved along my body from my feet upwards taking in every curve.

He was only wearing boxer shorts and his body was tanned, athletic and as he slipped in beside me he was very warm. My tummy flipped and my cheeks blushed again as he wrapped his arms around me, bringing our bodies together.

We started to kiss; he was so gentle as our lips and tongues started to tease. My small pert boobs were pressing against his chest and my nipples began to tingle. I could feel his hands stroking me along my back then down down to my bum. He caressed my tight little bum and then I could feel him sliding up my chemise.

When he asked me to sit up I did with out thinking and he pulled it over my head, my long hair falling down my back. His hands brushed over my boobs and hard nipples, I touched him too, running my hands down his chest and stomach. I told him that I wanted him to be the one and he knew what I meant.

I laid myself down, the moon light shinning through my window onto my bare skin. Adam pushed the duvet off the bed and moved so he was over me, his knees between my thighs. He kissed me softly all over my neck them moving to my pert boobs, lingering at my nipples and gently sucking them.

His dick was really hard; I could feel it rubbing against the insides on my thighs. As he started to kiss my lips again one of his hands moved down to my fanny, his fingers softly going up and down working their way into my tight hole. One of his fingers slid inside as his thumb rubbed my clit. My fanny felt really warm and wet, I could feel myself aching for him, my first experience of lust.

Adam moved his hand away and asked me if I wanted to go further so I told him yes, he moved his body a little and I could feel his dick against my fanny, my fanny lips opening for him. He moved in slowly and really gently, I began to breathe quickly, he brought his body closer to me, my nipples brushing on his chest as he skilfully moved forward and back.

I stroked my hands down his back and when he went beyond the point of no return my fingers gripped him. My fanny was tight around his dick as he made love to me, the flicker of virginal pain gone. My legs relaxed as he moved faster, a heat was starting to spread through my body, and our moans were soft and quiet.

My legs began to tremble and I realised I was going to cum, my fingers gripped his back tighter and it felt like his dick was swelling even more.

He kissed my mouth as I cum, my whole body trembled with pleasure, Adam pulled away from me and knelt up, moving his hand to his wet dick he started to wank it quickly as I watched and shot his cum over my tummy. After we cleaned ourselves up we laid in my bed with our arms wrapped around each other and feel asleep.

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